Needles are sold by the pack.  Each pack contains 10 needles.  There are 10 packs per box or 100 needles per box.  So if you want 1 10 pack of needles please enter 1 in the quantity field.  If you wish to order 1 box of needles please enter 10 in the quantity field.  If you want 2 boxes of the same needle you will need to enter 20 in the quantity field.  You can also enter any quantity between 1 and 10 and you will receive that number of 10 packs.  Example if you put 5 in the quantity field you will receive 5 10 packs of needles or 50 needles.

Standard Sharp Point (R) (RG): Best suited for stable fabrics such as canvas, denim, bath towels or caps.

Light Ball Point (FFG): The perfect all purpose needles, with characteristics of both sharp and ball points.

Medium Ball Point (FG): Designed for use with delicate loose knit sweaters fabrics.